JDMcDonnell: Supernova
Believe it or not, but Supernova began its existence as a work of flash fiction. The prompt was something along the lines of "write a story where two people are driving through the night and discussing something which is never said outright." I am not a big fan of flash fiction, but it was five in the morning and I was somehow awake with nothing better to do. In fact, most of the book was written between the godawful hours of 5 and 7 AM. I easily bolted past the word count restriction, but I liked the idea to try to turn it into a short story. That would eventually become chapter 22 The Chauffeur. Let that sink in.

The original story begins 22 chapters into it and just after the main event of the book. This is how wierd, wild and totally haphazard the writing of Supernova was. I didn't know how it was going to begin or end but I knew the main event and worked outwards in both directions from there. The ending came next, which is a semi-sequel to a longish short story I had written called Live For the Sun(which you'll find at the end of the book). The beginning was the last thing to be written. Strangely enough the outstanding heroes of the book - the crew of Patrol Boat 7 - were the very last things to be added to it. Then the whole thing was totally rewritten to give it a sense of cohesion.

This isn't just pantsing a story. This is rolling the bones while trapped in the dreamstate of the pre-dawn hours and trying to make sense of what the runes say. Really not my style. I am more of a plotter, but I do like the results. It is also the first long work I ever wrote using the present tense, largely to see if it could support a longer work and not become over-bearing. Once again, I like the results.

Supernova is best described as fun horror with a decent amount of espionage thrown into the mix. I believe in fun horror. I believe it shouldn't be grisley, depressing or desperate to traumatize the reader. It should be like a carnival ride, something to make your hair stand on end and scream a little. That is exactly what this story is. Yes, the name is a bit hyperbolic but if you read as far as chapter 21 you will understand why it was chosen. In its own way it is actually very fitting. The cover is by yours truly and once again it does make sense in light of the main event of the story.

What is that main event?
You're just going to have to read and find out.
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