Novella - SciFi/Horror
It's hard to believe but Supernova originated as an experiment in flash fiction - writing a story in 1,000 words or less. At the time I was getting up at the god-awful hour of 5 AM to try to squeeze a few hours of writing in before the day began. A funny thing about working in the early morning hours is that it's like pumping your veins full of truth serum. Words pour very easily out of your head but they are nearly impossible to control.

My flash fiction prompt was to write a story where two people are driving at night and discussing something which just happened but they refuse to address. I effortlessly blew past the 1,000 word mark before the first cup of coffee. For those who know the book, this became Chapter 22: The Chauffer. You also might know that there are only 26 chapters in the whole thing.

I decided to make it a short story and continued writing what would become the last quarter of the story. It was okay but begged for an explaination so I tossed out the "discuss but don't address" bit and wrote the middle the book, focusing mainly on Adam and Mission Control. And the short story becomes a long story.

At this point the crew of Patrol Boat 7 are just nameless faceless grunts who show up to save the day. A typo causes one of them to call another one "Tits" and with a sleep deprived mind jiggling like a bowl full of jello I declare It Stays! and am off trying to figure out who this crew is, totally unaware that they will soon steal the whole show.

The only part of the book written in order was the very last scene of the last chapter - something I actually did not want to have in there (and once you read it you'll know why) - but the story just did not feel right without it. Sometimes stories take on a life of their own and this one Supernova demanded.

The short story Live for the Sun, which was written back during the Summer of 2000, was added as an after-thought. Consider it an explaination for a certain cameo appearance that happens near the end of Supernova.
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