Fossils in the Asphault Vol. 2
Seven More Tales of Terror, Suspense, and the Supernatural.
The Angel Underwater
A reporter in 1920's New Orleans discovers the ominous secret behind a string of murders plaguing the city and that not even cement shoes can keep a good man down.
Tuesday's Child
A little girl can walk through walls but only on a Tuesday. The walls she walks through surround the Warsaw Ghetto and the Nazis have just taken notice.
An homage to the muscle car films of the 1970's, ones with long desolate stretches of desert road where you can drive so fast that no one can catch you, quite even possibly yourself.
Ever wonder what happened to the guy who created the legislation which caused us to set our clocks back a week after Halloween rather than before it? You really don't want to know.
Van Homeschooled
You're thirteen, have big teeth, braces and bad skin. You have to sprint through three miles of urban decay to take violin lessons, a blasted city hellscape haunted by vampires. Problem? Not when your last name is Van Helsing.
Sweet Bliss
The end of the world swooped in under everyone's radar and never did it sound so good. If this one makes your booty move, your booty will be dead.
Pinball Wizard
Robots mining an asteroid field for precious materials undercover the unimaginable - a Fischer Price record player - and the universe will never be the same.
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