JDMcDonnell: Dragonhead.
So what did you do with your Covid-19 time?
After the panic and the chaos and the failed attempts at sourdough starters subsided the boredom set in. I couldn't leave reality far enough behind to start anything new, so I went back through my ever-growing heap of unfinished projects and pulled this one out. It looked like fun.

A couple of years ago, someone online asked the question: if you could go back in time and put a different game inside the box of the first RPG you ever played, what would it be? For me, that game was Moldvay D&D, purchased by my mom from a Sears & Roebuck in October of '82.

(Made to be played under a blacklight.)

In truth, I wouldn't put any other game in that box. It was a great game to start with but it wasn't perfect. The more I thought about it the longer my list of improvements grew. In fact, I don't think I ever replied to the thread. Instead, I set about building a revision of the game. The basic booklet is only 64 pages long.

How hard could it be?

It kicked my butt. This wasn't my first RPG rodeo. I have been creating RPGs since the early 90's, but it was the first time I ever tried to emulate another game and restrict myself to its size and conventions. It is actually quite easy to create some large sprawling encyclopedic monstrosity. Keeping the entire game interesting and under 64 pages was nearly impossible.

This time around I didn't care about emulation or page restrictions. I just wanted something awesome. Two considerations I did hang onto was Moldvay's dream of a D&D that could be played by anyone right out of the box, and creating a system which was compatible enough to play adventure modules like Keep on the Borderlands and White Plume Mountain without a whole lot of conversion.

The image links lead to the four main books in different file formats. The Complete Rules links to a zip file containing everything. The links beneath it lead to various items of interest. Give them a look and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear it!
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