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I'm not anti-social, but I do tend to be somewhat un-social when it comes to social media. Just like everyone else, I have my interests and follow them when I can, but when it comes to promoting my work, establishing a platform, jibber-jabbering with people in a futile attempt at becoming an online presence, building up an audience and doing all those mandatory authorish things which make agents and publishers happy?

I pretty much suck at that.

When it comes to free time I like to spend it getting things done, preferably bright flashy projects that will go off like a roman candle and disappear just as quickly. If you want to be there for the fireworks, the best way to do so is to join the mailing list. Otherwise you can follow me on many of the usual platforms listed below. I am there, at least in theory. I always say that I will blitzkrieg them when I do something interesting, but no promises, especially for pinterest.

If you actually want to simply talk to me, click on the email link off to the left. Unless you are trying to sell something - especially your services as a website designer (I build and maintain the whole schameal myself thank you) - then I will respond.
The Mailing List
Yes, this is the link to the mailing list form. Joining it is like sticking a fork in a wall socket only a lot more fun. Just kidding.... It's perfectly harmless, especially since I hardly ever use it. Only the big things are important enough for me to bother with using it, and you can always opt out of it if you so desire.
The social media platform that even its own creators have written off as a failure is probably my favorite. I just like the clean un-cluttered look of G+ Classic. I do use it. I am probably more active here than anywhere else. Strangely enough, nearly everything I do on G+ is centered around table-top role playing games. I have tried following other things but TTRPGs is what keeps floating to the top.
I will be the first to admit (yet probably not the last) that I have no idea what Tumblr is actually good for, but I will admit that it is fun. If you ever wanted to take a cross-section of my brain and see what has been kicking around in there, my tumblr page is as good a place as any to start. Something tells me that too many saturday morning cartoons as a kid may have stunted the growth of something up there.
Deviant Art
In truth, I don't think Deviant Art ever got over its poor choice of name. It's like the Butthole Surfers. They may have been better than the Beatles but you wouldn't know this since they are called the Butthole Surfers. DA once had great promise but now it seems somewhat stale and stagnant. I still check in every now and then but its good old days have gone yonder.
Using the Goodreads site reminds me of writing book reports in Junior High. Awe, come on! Do I have to? Interesting factoid: while I would never admit to reading a book I haven't read here on the internet, all the time back in junior high school I would fudge my book reports. When the assignment was choose any book you want to read, read it, and write a report on it. I would often read a quarter of the book and make up an ending for the rest of it.

And I never once got caught.
I hate Facebook. It makes me feel like a cretin. Back when all of my freinds were popping out babies and posting pictures of them 24/7. I simply ran out of nice things to say. In an earlier age I would have created a macro outputting "Awwwwwe, so cute!" and still have problems keeping up. Then came the 20 year high school reunion which refused to end thanks to Facebook. Ultimately, I just had to pull the plug.

I still have a facebook account but I intentionally avoid using it. Maybe I will go back, but I doubt it. Using facebook makes me feel like I am snubbing real-life friends by not constantly using facebook. Thank you facebook. Thank you for driving a wedge between me and the people I love. Enjoy your burn in hell.
I am a writer. I cannot sign my name in 2000 words or less. What do you think I can do with 140 characters? Next to nothing.
Someday I will have a use for youtube. As it is I don't.
Believe it or not but I have a Nikon SLR with about six interchangeable lens. It uses 35mm film, and it sees more activity than my instagram account.
Wait. I have a pinterest account? Seriously? How the hell did that happen?
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