What's Wrong with the Book?

What is wrong with the book? Sometimes I think it would be easier to list what is right but that would be a bait and switch. Instead, let's get down and dirty with everything I've encountered to be the problems that people have with books, the novel in particular.

+They remind me of reading assignments from high school and God I fucking hated required reading in high school.

+Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, and the internet is bursting with free milk.

+Books consume too much time. I get far more thrills far more often from Social Media. And with Social Media I don't have to wait to see how the internet ends.

+I'm a professional and the entertainment I enjoy needs to be something I can comfortably chat with others about. Time at night spent reading some obscure novel is not time spent watching a baseball game or Modern Family. It is of no use to me.

+Reading is a pretentious pastime of the liberal elite. Reading is something that only conservative housewives out in the suburbs do. Reading is something that only people totally unlike me do.

+Oh God, please don't make me read. I was never really good at it. It's mentally exhausting, unrewarding. And you never know when you're going to get some crappy book that just goes nowhere.

+It's soooooo 20th century.

+What? With those new-fangled eReader thingamabobs? I can't deal with those, they're just wrong.

+Reading is freakin' queer. In kindergarten we were forced to watch "Reading Rainbow" not "Reading with Monster Trucks."

+Seriously, if someone spots me reading in public, they're going to think I'm different from them. And I can't afford to be different.

+Authors just high minded moochers looking for a hand-out. Self-publishers are even worse, probably just junkies looking to support their drug habits.

+Reading died when Amazon released the Kindle. It's now just a flood of derivative crap out there. It's not worth the time it takes to find something decent to read.

And I'm sure there is much more where that came from but it's all I can think of now. This was inspired by a blog post that Damien Walter did on the Problem With Books. He focuses on the topic more from the writer's perspective. I decided to try the non-reader's approach. Check it out at: http://damiengwalter.com/2014/06/30/the-problem-with-books/
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